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Additional Information you may need pet boarding and pet sitting

Additional Information

What you will need before boarding your baby with us to ensure proper safety of your baby 

1. Your fur baby's vet information and contact. name address and phone number .

2. Your fur baby's shot records.

3. Flea medications and any other listed medications your fur baby is on.

4. A emergency contact list 

5. Special pet diet.

6 Special instructions and routine that you may have your fur baby on.

7. A list of any anxiety or aggression toward children the mail man or other animals that we may need to be aware of. we want to provide your fur baby a relaxing retreat while you are away. 


Pet boarding and pet sitting nt

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Our boarding facility provides guests with their very  own “pet hotel room” which is in a climate-controlled environment. In  the hotel room each guest has access to water at all times and a lifted  bed to relax in after a long day of playing outside as well as room to  stretch and move around.



We require current and updated immunizations &  veterinary documentation for all guests before we can accommodate them  for boarding, bathing or grooming. We are sorry, but for the safety of  all the animals at Micanopy paradise Pet Resort we cannot accommodate any dogs  without the appropriate veterinary documentation from a licensed  veterinarian.

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What to bring

What to Bring
All guest are encouraged to bring anything to make their  stay feel more at home. Be it food, toys, blankets, T-shirt or treats.  It is all welcomed. If the pet is on any medication please bring that  with detail instructions on frequency and quantity to be distributed.  All medication dispersal is included in the cost of the stay with the  exception of shots (ex. Insulin) which is a charge of $2.00 per shot. Pet boarding in Gainesville Pet services in Micanopy pet boarding and pet sitting dog sitter pet sitter

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